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We're Back! . . (sort of) . .

The Hollywood Theater has been purchased by Phil and Julie Addis, and is in the process of being renovated. Much is needed to be done, from the roof to the basement. In the end, our vision is to bring back the Hollywood to the grandeur that it once enjoyed, and those that entered it's doors enjoyed, as well.

. . . . We Could Use Your Help . . . .

Restoring a 1930's theater is not an easy task. We would like to open our doors as soon as possible, but our resources are not unlimited. And sometimes, it seems that the task ahead truly is unlimited. So we are asking for your help, in making The Hollywood Theater part of your life, your lifestyle, and part of the community at large.

Buy a seat. Make a contribution. Purchase a season worth of tickets. Grab a bucket, some rubber gloves, and come on down! Whatever you can do, whatever you can give, will be appreciated not only by our family, but by the entire La Crosse area community. And beyond.

So click on a link at the left, and help us make this dream a reality!